As a designer, I believe it is important to look both forward and backward in time in order to fully grasp today's context.

During college, letterpress printing quickly became a huge passion of mine and taught me a greater understanding of design fundamentals and history.


A letterpress piece illustrating the word pair teeth and tongue. The typefaces used are Torino and Helvetica.

A Bittersweet Memory

A letterpress and screen printed piece for a group portfolio based on childhood memories. Each piece in the portfolio was to contain a numeral representing the age of the memory, an image, and a contemporary letterpress technique. The memories I chose are associated with my family's move from Chicago to Dallas as a child. I picked two contrasting experiences to convey the feelings of conflict I felt at the time.

Boys Will Be Boys

This piece was created as a public service announcement broadside. I used the infamous picture of the U.S. Navy Sailor kissing a random woman to represent an instance of sexual harassment that, for many years, was played off as a typical "boys will be boys situation," until the woman came forward. I also experimented with overprinting, a technical process that involves slightly shifting the registration of the print to create ghost images/text.