Dallas Arboretum

2018 | Brand Identity

A brand redesign for the Dallas Arboretum based on the classic "spitting frog" fountains located on the grounds.

Brand Platform

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden exists to preserve both nature and history in order to expose and educate the public on horticulture, while simultaneously providing an interactive space for learning, enjoyment, and community. They are already among the top arboretums in the nation, despite their young age. The Dallas Arboretum is characterized by its unique and dedicated approach to learning, teaching, beauty, and community.

Logo Concept

The inspiration for the Dallas Arboretum icon redesign was drawn from the spraying toads located on the grounds. These toads are a classic fixture at the Arboretum.

Original Sketches
Hand Sketches_Page_3_edited.jpg
Photo on Apr 26, 2018 at 9_20_11 AM.JPG
Icon Development

01. Body shape

Frog Development.png

02. Leg shape

Frog Development.png

03. Eye shape

Frog Development.png
Design applications